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Today's Digital Landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving. Learn more about our services, and discover how Digit can can elevate your online presence, enhance user experiences, and empower your brand with cutting-edge technology for enduring success.

your digital footprint to

new platforms, markets,

and customers.

We connect

digital marketing
responsive web design

digital landscapes that

are interactive, dynamic,

and responsive. 

We create

Custom Web-Dev

custom web development


  • Advanced UI/UX Design

  • Mobile/Tablet Responsive Layouts

  • Advance Search Engine Optimization

  • Enterprise-Grade Security Features

  • E-Commerce Integration with Advanced Features

  • Client Relationship Manager (CRM) Integration

  • High-Speed Performance Optimization

  • Analytics and Reporting Tools

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Database Integration and Dynamic Content

  • Social Media Integration

  • Bookings/Calendar Integration

  • Custom Forms and Lead Capture Solutions

  • Live Chat and Customer Support Integration

  • Regular Updates and Maintenance

  • Multilingual Capabilities

  • Animations and Interactive Elements

  • Accessibility Compliance

  • Content Strategy and Creation


and more!

Turn your vision
into a digital reality.

Custom projects, for your unique needs.

We understand that your website is the digital storefront of your business. It's not just about having an online presence; it's about creating an interactive, engaging, and responsive platform that resonates with your brand and connects with your audience. Our Custom Web Development service is designed to do just that - transform your unique vision into a digital reality.

Tailored to Your Needs:
Every business is unique, and so should be its website. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs, goals, and target audience. Whether you're a startup looking to make a mark, a growing business ready to scale, or an established brand seeking innovation, we tailor our web development approach to fit your unique narrative.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Creativity:

Leveraging the latest technologies and creative design principles, we ensure your website is not only visually appealing but also functionally robust. From intuitive user interfaces to seamless navigation and fast loading speeds, we pay attention to every detail that enhances user experience. Our expertise spans across various platforms and technologies, ensuring that your website is future-proof and scalable.

Ongoing Support and Evolution:

Our relationship doesn't end with the launch of your website. We believe in continuous support and evolution. Our team remains at your service for any updates, optimizations, or troubleshooting. We also offer data analytics services to monitor your website's performance and suggest improvements.

Let's Build Together:

Your dream website is just a conversation away. Partner with Digit for custom web development, and let's build a digital solution that drives growth, enhances engagement, and tells your brand story compellingly. Contact us today to start your web development journey!


website in a week


  • Cost-Effective Web Solution

  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Design

  • Basic SEO Implementation

  • User-Friendly Navigation and Interface

  • Integrated Contact Forms

  • SSL Certificate for Website Security

  • Fast and Easy Web Hosting Setup

  • Basic Web Analytics Setup

  • Social Media Integration

  • Image Galleries and Slideshows

  • Testimonials Display Section

  • Portfolio Display

  • One-Time Content Creation and Personalization

  • Basic Email Setup Assistance

  • Introductory Guide on Website Usage

  • Post-Launch Technical Support

  • Basic Blog Functionality

  • Ideal for Short-Term Projects or Temporary Online Presence


and more!

Launch your website
in a week, not months.

Premium web development, without the wait.

Our 'Website in a Week' service is designed for rapid and efficient website creation, without compromising on quality, functionality, and professionalism. Perfect for startups, small businesses, or any venture requiring a rapid online debut, this service delivers a high-quality website that is designed to boost conversion and engage audiences, within 7 days.

1. Sign Up and Start Your Free Trial

  • Begin your journey with Digit Web Solutions by signing up for our "Website in a Week" package. Start your 14-day free trial with no upfront cost.

2. Onboarding and Customization

  • After signing up, you'll be directed to complete our detailed onboarding and website customization forms. Here, you'll provide us with crucial information about your business, target audience, and design preferences, ensuring that your website aligns perfectly with your brand's identity and goals.

3. Book Your Success Call

  • Once your forms are filled, you'll book a success call through our integrated calendar. This call is a deep dive into your business needs and an opportunity to finalize your website's strategy and design elements.

4. Development and Customization:

  • Our team gets to work immediately. Using the information you provided, we craft a website that not only looks great but is also optimized for performance and user experience. We handle everything from design to deployment, ensuring that your site is up and running flawlessly.

5. Website Delivery

  • Within a week, your new website will be ready. We'll present you with a draft, and you can review it to ensure it meets your expectations. If there are aspects you'd like to tweak, we provide a quick revision cycle to perfect every detail.

6. Go Live:

  • Launching Your Digital Presence: With everything in place and double-checked, your brand-new website goes live. This marks the beginning of your new and enhanced digital journey, all achieved within just one week.

7. Ongoing Support

  • Even after your website is live, our relationship doesn't end there. Enjoy extended support and guidance, plus take advantage of our extended trial if your project requires more fine-tuning. We're here to make sure your digital presence continually evolves with your business.

How it Works

Why Digit?

SEO Packages

search engine optimization

Want a larger platform?
 New markets? New customers?

Maximize Your Online Visibility and Reach

A great website deserves to be seen. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are designed to elevate your online presence, ensuring your business is not just seen but also preferred. Our comprehensive approach to SEO goes beyond mere rankings; we focus on driving quality traffic to your website and enhancing your overall online authority and credibility.

Online visibility can make or break a business, so in recent years, harnessing the power of SEO has become a strategic imperative. As a business, your online presence isn't just a virtual storefront; it's the gateway to reaching a global audience, generating leads, and driving sustainable growth. In today's competitive marketplace, businesses need more than just a website. They require a comprehensive SEO strategy that ensures their digital footprint extends far and wide, reaching potential customers when and where they need it most.

Basic SEO

- SEO Audit

- Specific Keyword Research

- Basic Technical and Coding SEO 

​- Local SEO Basics

- Link Profile Analyzation

- Analytics Integrations

-Page Speed Optimization

-Mobile Optimization

- Keyword-Based Content Recommendations

- Monthly SEO Reports

*Included in all Website Redesigns, and Website-In-A-Week Packages*

Advanced SEO

 Everything in the Basic Package PLUS

- Technical Audit

- Advanced Technical SEO

- GoogleMyBusiness Profile Optimization

- Competitor Analysis

- Content Format + Navigation Restructuring 

- Strategic Conversion Optimization

- Schema Markup Implementation

*Included in all Custom Web Development Packages*

SEO Campaign

Everything in the Advanced Package PLUS

- Keyword Testing

- Content Structure Reformatting

- Link Profile Analyzation

- Backlink and Citation Development

- Analytics Integrations

-Page Speed Optimization

-Mobile Optimization

- Keyword-Based Content Recommendations

- Monthly SEO Reports

*3-6 Month Campaign, with monthly recurring payments*

Optimize Your Website Today:

Our comprehensive SEO services are strategically designed to propel your business to the forefront of online search, ensuring not just visibility, but tangible results and a competitive edge. Partner with us to harness the full potential of SEO and transform your digital presence into a powerful driver of business growth and success.

Choosing Digit means partnering with a team dedicated to your digital success. We combine our digital and technical expertise with creative flair to deliver Web Development Solutions that perform exceptionally and surpass expectations. Our client-centric approach means we're always tuned into your needs, and delivering results that speak for themselves.

digital experiences that

capture, stimulate, and

engage your audience.

We design

web development
Digit Web Solutions

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Website Redesign

website redesign


  • Lead Generation Optimization

  • E-commerce Functionality Enhancement

  • Enhanced User Experience (UX)

  • Advanced SEO Optimization

  • Professional Brand Alignment

  • Data-Driven Layout and Design

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Improved Website Speed and Performance

  • Refreshed Content Strategy

  • Comprehensive Analytics Setup

  • Integration of Latest Web Technologies

  • Improved Navigation and Usability

  • High-Quality Visual Content

  • Increased Website Accessibility

  • Up-to-Date Security Features

  • Scalability for Future Growth

  • Interactive Elements and Animations

  • Social Media Integration

  • Compliance with Latest Web Standards


and more!

Already have a website?
No problem.

Optimize your website to gain a competitive edge.

Our website redevelopment service optimizes your website for today’s standards, from refreshing design to enhancing user interface and SEO, ensuring that it stands out from your competition. Our focus is on transforming your existing website into a dynamic, responsive, and user-centric platform that not only captures but also commands the attention of your audience.

Refresh Your Online Image:

Digit's Website Redesign transforms your online presence with a modern touch and enhanced functionality. Embracing contemporary design and advanced SEO, we elevate your site's aesthetics and performance. Expect a mobile-optimized, visually appealing, and fast-loading website that aligns perfectly with your brand, ensuring an improved user experience and better engagement with your audience.

Seamless Redesign Process:

Our redesign process begins with an in-depth analysis to pinpoint problems, and areas of improvement, aligning them with your business goals and vision. We then craft a strategic redesign plan, focusing on both visual appeal and functionality. Through collaborative efforts and regular feedback, we ensure the final product authentically represents your brand.

Benefits of Website Redesign:

Website redevelopment involves reworking and optimizing your existing website for the latest UI/UX standards, functionality, integrations, and Search Engine Optimization. The process 

varies in complexity depending on the unique needs of our diverse clients but always provides results, success, and satisfaction.

Transform Your Website Today:

Don't let an outdated website hold your business back. Partner with Digit for a website redesign and set the stage for your digital success. Contact us to begin your website's transformation journey.

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