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Healthcare and Wellness Solutions

Digit's specialized web solutions for healthcare, including appointment systems and patient portals, complemented by our custom digital software for enhanced patient management and engagement.

In healthcare and wellness, Digit provides web development services tailored to sectors like dentistry, chiropractors, and spas. Our solutions feature online appointment booking systems, patient portals, and informative websites. Digit's proprietary digital software offers comprehensive CRM, efficient booking management, and social media integration, tailored to healthcare providers' needs. These solutions enhance patient engagement and streamline administrative processes, elevating healthcare delivery.


  • Customized Healthcare and Wellness Website Development: Create an online presence that speaks to the heart of your healthcare services, across many niches, such as Dental, Surgery, Spas/Salons, Fitness, and more! Our websites are designed to be informative, patient-friendly, and reflective of your healthcare ethos. 

  • Patient Education and Resources: Empower your patients with accessible health education resources. Our websites can integrate educational materials, health tips, and informative content to enhance patient knowledge.

  • Secure Patient Portals: Offer your patients a private gateway to their health information. These portals are designed for confidentiality and ease of access, ensuring patient data is handled securely.

  • Telehealth Functionality: Expand your reach with online consultations. We integrate telehealth features that allow for convenient and secure video consultations.

  • Appointment Reminder System: Reduce no-shows with automated reminders. Our system sends timely appointment reminders to patients via email and text, ensuring they stay informed.

  • Patient Feedback and Survey Tools: Collect valuable patient feedback efficiently. Use this data to continuously improve your services and patient satisfaction.

  • HIPAA-Compliant Data Security: Keep patient data safe and compliant. We ensure all your digital solutions adhere to HIPAA standards, protecting patient privacy and your reputation.

  • Digital Marketing for Healthcare Professionals: Reach more patients with targeted digital marketing. Our strategies are designed to increase your online presence and attract patients seeking your services.

  • SEO for Healthcare Services: Optimize your website for higher search engine rankings. A strong SEO strategy increases your visibility to potential patients searching for healthcare services online.

  • Online Billing and Payment Processing: Simplify the billing experience for your patients. Our secure and streamlined billing solutions make it easy for patients to view and pay their bills online.

Digit Web Solutions

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