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Construction Solutions

Web development for construction with project showcases and client portals, supported by Digit's project management and client relationship software.

Digit offers tailored web development for the construction industry, focusing on project showcase sites and client communication portals. Our proprietary digital software provides comprehensive project management tools, CRM capabilities, and efficient lead tracking, streamlining business operations. These digital tools enhance client communication, project transparency, and operational efficiency, driving business growth and client satisfaction in the construction sector.


  • Company Website Design: Showcase your construction services, expertise, and past projects with a professional and visually appealing website, attracting potential clients and partners.

  • Project Portfolio and Gallery: Display your past and ongoing construction projects in a detailed gallery, highlighting your capabilities and success stories to build credibility and attract new business.

  • Client Project Collaboration Portal: Facilitate efficient and transparent communication with clients through a dedicated portal, providing updates, sharing documents, and collaborating on project details.

  • Supplier and Inventory Management System: Efficiently manage your materials, supplies, and vendor relationships with an integrated system, ensuring timely availability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Safety Compliance Tracking: Implement tools to track and report on safety compliance, demonstrating your commitment to industry standards and regulations.

  • Project Bidding and Quotation Tools: Streamline your bidding process with an online system that simplifies submission and management of bids, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Lead Generation and CRM Integration: Capture and manage leads effectively with a CRM system, nurturing potential client relationships and tracking interactions for better conversion.

  • SEO for Construction Services: Optimize your web content to improve your search engine ranking, making it easier for potential clients to find your services online.

  • Social Media Strategy for Construction: Develop a robust social media strategy to build your brand presence, engage with potential clients, and showcase your projects and expertise.

  • Automated Email and Text Updates to Clients: Keep your clients informed and engaged with regular automated updates on project progress, fostering trust and transparency in your client relationships.

Digit Web Solutions

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